Solar Support Plus

Peace of mind for your investment
Solar Support With a Difference
Rest easy knowing that your solar system is protected. Don’t rely on manufacturers warranties, and don’t wait for repairs and replacement. This support is one of a kind.

A first point of contact for failures and faults

No more chasing installers or manufacturers to replace failed
system components and get your system back online.

Access to solar system maintenance professionals.

Just like your car, your solar system needs regular
maintenance to ensure its safety and operation.

We support your manufacturer’s warranty

It’s a fact. The solar industry has a history of installers and
manufacturers leaving the industry without notice leaving
customers with warranty claims that cannot been addressed.

Access to discounts on energy saving devices

New and innovating products are coming onto the market.
Through the Solar Support Plus network our members will
be able to take advantage of great deals.

Contact us and recieve a response within

48 Hours

Have your solar system fixed within

14 Days*

Recieve cover on your inverter for

+ 5 Years*

Recieve cover on your solar panels for up to

12 Years*

Welcome to Solar Support Plus.

You have Invested thousands in a quality solar system through a quality provider. This investment will provide you with huge savings, putting thousands back into the families dreams and budget for years to come. Not only saving you on the power bills you have now, but also the price increases that will be inflicted on all of us. However, in the event that your solar system fails, you can rest easy knowing that you have protected yourself with Solar Support Plus.
Solar Support Plus takes the worry away from relying on the manufacturer’s warranties and from the need to wait for repairs or relacement of your inverter by the installation company. You have invested in a solar system to save money, maybe even help the environment. So any amount of time your system isn’t operating is costing money. We protect ourselves, our homes, cars and even our pets. It simply makes sense to ensure the ongoing operation of your solar system and gain peace of mind over your investment.

Yearly Servicing and Cleaning



Get the Ultimate protection with yearly servicing with Nanotechnology protection.



Get protected with two services provided every year.

While enabling your 14 day fix guarantee, two services every year will also ensure your system is working at maximum efficiency, for the longest time.

*If we cannot fix your system within 14 days, we will arrange for a replacement

*We will extend your manufacturer warranty by 5 years, for up to a maximum of 10 years total warranty

*We will offer cover fpr up to 12 years, or mimic what your manufacturers maximum cover is

*If you do not service your solar system at least once per year, we may charge $50 to meet our 14 day turnaround and fix your system. Yearly servicing options are available above